Heavy/ Medium Duty Storage Racking

Heavy/ Medium Duty Storage Racking

Product Description

Strong, durable, versatile and economical shelving system that looks good and minimizes lost space from uprights making it ideal for a wide variety of applications from archives to automotive, factories, warehouses, retail, wholesale and commercial

Product Feature:

  • Most widely used for storage of large, heavy and bulky items / long, odd-shaped or awkward items.
  • Available in wide range of shelving height, depth & length and loading capacities to clients’ storage needs.
  • Fully adjustable shelf height.
  • Very easy to install and dismantle.
  • Rapid handling and direct access of almost all types of goods.
  • Maximizes space use in any storeroom configuration while retaining optimum product accessibility.
  • Strength and rigidity prevent compression damage to goods.
  • Fully adjustable shelf height.